A Taste of Chocolate in  Wine

Extract of Cocoa Bean infused into selected Red, White, Rosé, Raspberry and Strawberry wines to create a mouth-watering treat.

These speciality wines offer the ulimate enjoyment for the wine drinking chocolate lover.

The Red, a lucious after dinner drink reminiscent of a light port but with a subtle chocolate aftertaste that lingers

The White, a sweeter "pudding" wine, ideal with a chocolate dessert

The Rosé, chilled, makes an excellent aperitif.

The Raspberry greaty with fruit desserts

The Strawberry tastes like a strawberry cream, have instead of dessert!

They are available in 75cl and 25cl bottles and in a gift sets of 5 x 10cl bottles with one of each wine.


Make a CHOCS FIZZ add a sparkling white wine ( Prosecco is perfect in proportions of 1:1) . The perfect celebratory drink.