Gin Liqueurs

Gin Liqueurs

Mother's Ruin

But she'll thank you for these

Violet Gin (18%vol) great in Prosecco if you like Parma Violets!

Sloe Gin (21%vol) the classic liqueur full of flavour with the tartness of the fruit balanced by the smoothness of the gin.

Blackcurrant Gin has the full richness of the Blackcurrant which melds with the Juniper of the Gin to create it's own distinctive flavour

Lemon Gin has an initial sweetness which is then balanced by the citrous acids of the lemon with a gin afterglow.

Apple & Pear Gin with it's melange of apple and pear juices with a warming gin is a favourite on a Winter's Day.

Lavender Gin a subtle and serene blend of gin and lavender. The perfect nightcap for a sound sleep.

Chestnut Gin is best when you're roasting by an open fire. Extract of sweet chestnut and warming gin.

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