Unique Liqueurs

In a sense as we make all our liqueurs to our own recipes they are all unique, however these are especially so. The Apple and Pear juices we use to make cider are blended with Gin and also Whisky. It's distinctive flavour, neither too sweet nor too sharp, is smooth and satisfying and a favourite for hip flask..

Caribbean Bounty and Sunrise combine the otherwise normal coconut and white rum with chocolate essence for the Bounty and with orange and grenadine for the Sunrise, to make exciting drinking.

Rose Delight combines the perfumed rose essence with chocolate essence and white rum to create a sumptuous Turkish Delight.

Toffee Apple Rum a warming delight on a cold night.

Elderflower with White Rum is a delicate and refreshing summers drink and for winter evenings

Chestnut Gin, Rum and Whisky, our "Marron" flavour to suit all tastes

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