How to serve

Ready for a Prosseco party?

All our liqueurs added to prosseco make great sparkling cocktails!!

A small measure ( 25ml-35ml) on it's own over ice or to accompany a coffee or dessert or as an aperitif.

Really good in your coffee are :- Chestnut Rum, Chocolate Orange, Chestnut Whisky, Toffee Apple Rum.

Liven up your Hot Chocolate with Caribbean Bounty, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint.

Try Rose Delight or Violet Vodka in sparkling wine for spectacular look and flavour. Raspberry Vodka in Cava/ Prosecco or our favourite Strawberry Vodka, Cava/ Prosecco topped with fresh strawberries.

Combine 2 or more for a inventive and let us know, we'll post them here!

Cardamom & Cinnamon Rum is the perfect spirit for the Xmas cake!

The liqueurs are great in icing for cakes, great colours and flavours.

Over Ice-cream, meringues; in trifles, sorbets and jellies. Fruit Vodkas for extra fruitiness; Caribbean Bounty or Sunrise for a coconut kick; Rose Delight and Violet Vodka for the exotic.

Or simply blend with a mixer of your choice for a longer drink. ( Gins and Vodkas in tonic ) all go well in Prosecco

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Please drink responsibly.

A 25ml serving is equivalent to 0.45- 0.5 UK units

It is recommended that women do not xceed 2-3 units daily and none if pregnant; men no more than 3-4 units daily