Chocolate Liqueurs

Chocolate Liqueurs

For all your chocoholics out there Marron Liqueurs has the answer. Chocolate Liqueurs are a chocolate lovers pleasure sensation.

To create this luxurious chocolate liqueur we blend the finest extract of cocoa bean with fruit and botanical flavours. Then combined with vodka or white rum the ultimate drinking pleasure is created. The Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Cherry and Chocolate Ginger Liqueurs are part of our great range of Taste of Chocolate Liqueurs here at Marron and no matter what your choice they are all designed to make you smile.

If your taste is more exotic then our Rose Delight or Caribbean Bounty will tickle those taste buds.

To buy individual Chocolate Liqueur 25cl bottles or a larger 50cl or 70cl bottle see links below.

To buy Gift Sets or 25cl Stackable Bottles go to links "Gifts" and "Stackable Bottles" found under products.

We strive to give the best personal service and we always are open to new ideas for any new flavours for our liqueurs and also any new recipes or ways to serve our products. If Chocolate Liqueurs are what you have been looking for or you are interested in any of our other products then why not take a browse round our site, or give us a call and we will be happy to help.


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