Tip Tap Top for retailers

Tip Tap Top

For retailers

By offering your customers the opportunity to taste our exciting range of artisan made liqueurs and spirits, choose a bottle type (or re-fill their own bottle), with the option of having the bottle personalised and gift wrapped you’ll be able to get a premium return with POR exceeding 50%. All on sale or return terms , pay only for what you sell!

We know retail space is sometimes a limiting factor and our standard system can be accommodated in a 0.33m x 0.33m space.

We supply the dispensers, a clear lockable display cabinet, your selection of liqueurs and spirit drinks from our popular and proven extensive range, bottles, closures and everything to tag and bag, plus full product training for retail staff.

There is an initial 3 month trial period at the end of which you can hand it back and you pay only for what you have used. Naturally we hope you will continue or upgrade.

So how does it work?

Customers showing interest are invited to taste up to 3 of the products for an (optional) 50p deposit, refunded on purchase.

A staff member taps off a small ( < 1cl) sample which the customer tries whilst the staff member ( using the information from the training session) discusses the experience with the customer.

Having selected a product they choose a bottle type and size which is filled by the staff member, who seals the bottle and offers personalisation and or gift wrapping for a small extra charge.

This can all be achieved within 2 to 3 minutes.

How profitable is it?

Experience has shown that customers value the service and are willing to pay in the range £13/£15 per 200ml bottle; (£12/£14 per 200ml, on refill), for liqueurs; 50p to £1 more for spirit drinks. Our prices, given below, are equivalent to £2.20 per 100ml ie £4.40 for 200ml; giving a premium return.

Indicative prices include delivery mainland UK, and exclude VAT.

Liqueurs & Spirit Drinks 2L £44; 5L £105


Bottles, bags etc are priced individually and we pass these on at cost plus a small handling charge.

Our aim is to build up a regular customer base for you.

We are happy to advise and, whenever possible, take part in promotional tasting events in store.

Standard Package Contents

3 x Dispensers of your choice

A clear lockable display cabinet

3 x 2L of liqueurs/spirits of your choice

20 x 100ml bottles of your choice

10 x 200ml bottles of your choice

5 x 500ml bottles

2 x (3 x 250ml) stacking bottles

2 x bottle bags

10 small gift bags

10 medium gift bags

Tags to match liqueur/spirit choice

Glass writing pen

Closures to match bottle choice

In store staff training

Continuing sales support

Help with product launch

Premium Package(s)


Standard packagex 2 £300


Standard packagex 3 £500

Further multiples of the Standard Package @ £200 each

You can start with the Standard Package and add as your business builds

To find more visit http://www.tiptaptop.co.uk/

or call Ron on 01673 818478


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