Pirate's Skull Rum 200ml

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Pirate's Skull Rum 200ml

A TreasureTrove of Rum based drinks in a distinctive skull bottle in 500ml bottle.

Choose from

Cardamom & Cinnamon Rum (29.5% abv)

A Spiced blend of cardamom, Cinnamon with a touch of Ginger in dark Rum

Honey Rum (29.5% abv)

Honey and Dark Rum, a smooth combination.

Banoffee Rum (29.5% abv)

Banana and Caramel in dark Rum, sweet and lucious

Mocha Rum ( 29.5% abv)

"Maria's Tears" Coffee with cocoa bean extract to give that distinctive Mocha taste, perfectly complimented with Rum.

Bitter Sweet Caramel Rum (29.5% abv)

"Pirate's Tears" Caramelised sugar,salted with dark Rum, lucious!


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