SENS ational Spirits


A new range of spirit and spirit based drinks from Marron Liqueurs

Hear the “plop” of the cork

See the shimmering swirl in the glass

Smell the subtle aromas

Savour the layers of flavour

Feel the satisfying warmth of the spirit


SENS ational

Try our new range of spirits and spirit based drinks made using quality Gin, Vodka,and Rum blended with an exciting range of flavours derived from the natural botanicals.

Ideal over ice or the mixer of your choice. Perfect as a base for cocktails, go on be inventive! Send us your favourite recipes.

Choose from

Green Chilli Vodka (37.5%abv); Hot Red Chilli Vodka (37.5% abv)

Chocolate Vodka (29.5% abv); Chocolate Chilli Vodka (29.5% abv)

Cucumber & Mint Gin (29.5%abv); Raspberry Gin (29.5%abv)

Cardamom & Ciinamon (Spiced) Rum (29.5%abv), Blackcurrant Rum (29.5%abv)

Honey Rum (29.5%abv), Honey Whisky (29.5%abv)

Banoffee Rudka (29.5%abv) using both Rum and Vodka

Mocha Rum (29.5%abv) Coffee, Chocolate in dark Rum

"Bitter Sweet" Caramel Vodka (29.5%abv)

Available in 20cl, 50cl bottles, 3 x 100ml and 5 x 100m lgift sets

Please call 01673 818478, email for more details